You have a failed career — troll reminds Ycee

A social media troll has mocked Ycee as having a “failing” career in a brief confrontation on Twitter.

The troll had tweeted a questionable opinion, saying Nicki Minaj is a bigger rapper than Kendrick, J Cole and all her female counterparts in the rap industry.

Ycee who did not approve of this opinion shaded the poster with his profile picture. Ycee had scorned that his opinion is smelly and that is why he has a facemask on on his profile picture.

The poster, obviously having none of the bant, clapped back with a reminder that Ycee is no longer relevant in the industry and that is why he now has time to respond to his opinion.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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