Wizkid FC mocks a Davido fan pictured selling Durex condoms

In one of the most recent bants between the leading fanbases in Nigeria, a 30BG member known as Roza Pepper fell victim toΒ  dragging.

Members of the Wizkid FC on Twitter bashed the Davido fan in question for reasons unclear. Certain users claimed she “brokeshamed” people when it appeared it is just the FC Wizkid  being on rampage.

Somehow, a picture that captures the moment miss Roza was on duty at her place of work which is an unnamed supermarket, managed to hit the internet and the rival camp had seized it as a weapon to attack the lady who is one of the leading users promoting Davido on Twitter.

Roza pictured selling Durex.

While the trolls tried as much as possible to make her sales of Durex feel like a sort of poverty, she shared her past tweets to reveal how she has always talked about how hardworking she is offline. She refuted claims that she “brokeshamed” people and dared the trolls to show her evidences of such allegations.

Fans on the other side of the bridge, certainly Burna Boy’s Outsiders and the entire 30BG camp on the lowest rung of the ladder, have made attempts to draw the condom company’s attention to the said picture of Roza Pepper in a bid to get her an endorsement deal with Durex.

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