StyGal’s inclination towards Dancehall was influenced by Patoranking — she reveals

We had StyGal as the first female to be hosted on Hint A View since its inception in February, 2022. StyGal, on the 8th edition of these interview sessions, shared some crucial information about her art and her perception of the Nigerian music industry at large.

StyGal made it clear her choice to make music was a fire kindled by her parents who were lovers of music. Although, an array of old school sounds formed the background of her practice of music as a talent, notwithstanding, the young female holds Patoranking on a very high esteem in her newest choice of genre, Dancehall.

StyGal, when asked about what she perceives to be missing in the current music industry in Nigeria, stated that there is no much respect amongst the singers that constitute the industry. However, while she hoped this ugly situation will improve for better, she equally laid bare her thoughts about the reason there are a few female Afrobeats acts compared to the males in the industry. Below is the interview with StyGal:

You are the first female on Hint A View.

Well, that’s nice! I am proud.

Great. Quickly.

  1. How did you journey of music begin? How did you find yourself doing music?

Alright! I got that vibe from my parents, especially my dad. He loves music so much! I started from that side. I listened to different music then, while growing. The likes of Baba Ara, Yinka Ayefele, K1 D Utimate. My parents made me fall in love with music. So, it’s safe to say it’s from home just like many other behaviors (learned from home).

Then as I grew older, music became something I couldn’t do without. Then it got to a certain stage where I could compose my own songs, flow on instrumentals; yes! Then I knew, this is my way!

  1. How hard was it crafting a stage name for yourself? Or were you named by people around you? What does StyGal imply?

I got the stage name myself. I love the fact that I am versatile. So, that gave me the idea (of this stage name). Style means being stylish or creative (while) Gal stands for girl.

  1. The “gal” is somewhat Patois. Are you a fan of Jamaican Reggae?

Yes! A big fan! I am a big fan of Patoranking. He made me love Raggae. Maybe sometime (in the future), I will switch to that great vibe (Raggae). I love it!

  1. I heard you on Afrobeats clearly. Can’t seem to remember the title of the song. Remind me! What genre do you do specifically?

Yea! That is Waiting. I had my brother, Adigun Kingy, on it. I do Afropop, Hip Hop, then, (I’m) trying out my new style (Raggae).

  1. StyGal, there’s been grumbling about the Afrobeats industry being unfavorable to female singers especially because the number of successful female Afrobeats singers is low when compared to their male counterpart. This ain’t a gender war tho, but I will like to know what you make of that perception.

The music industry is tight these days. Take a look at Ayra Starr: she is a global star, but that does not change the fact that female singers are going through a lot of discrimination.

Let’s forget music. Generally, we are not appreciated like that (enough). (Some) Africans see us as prostitutes instead of musicians. We face a lot. Not everybody will want to go through that stage tho. That is why we are not much (in the industry).

  1. Citing Rela, the 6th guest on this interview; he is of the opinion that, some singers sing based on personal experiences, some sing fiction, some sing to fight a course, some cover romance etc. What does your music represent?

I want my music to heal so many broken hearts; a drug to many sick souls; therapy to depressed hearts.I preach love and happiness.

  1. This is heartwarming. Although you mentioned Patoranking as a major force in your admiration of Reggae. Tell me, StyGal, which artiste is the most influence you got in your music?

It is hard to choose tho, because I am a big fan of good music. I love and adore every talent representing us. Let’s say… But I got this soft spot for these people: Beautiful Nubia, Wizkid, Burna boy, Tiwa Savage, Kizz Daniel, Asa and Davido. They have (all) influenced me greatly.

Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy? Weird, and that’s basically because almost everybody makes it feel like the trio cannot be loved simultaneously. Respect to you on that.

  1. There’s something in your voice that is smooth. It feels like it’s your biggest strength. Were you even in the choir?

Yes! For a short time, I was not serious with it. I have been working on my voice on my own (however), because I have been wanting to be a great singer. I pray it turns out better!

  1. What do you think is currently lacking in the Nigerian music that needs to be fixed?

Support, love and respect. Anybody can just wake up and disrespect anybody. No regards (whatsoever)! We will appreciate if we (underground singers) can get more engagements, supports and love from our top stars (also). The music industry is full of fake love (and) it is dangerous.

  1. This is brief but your message is clear. We cannot overlook the fact that some of these are done for clout though.

To close this session, it will be nice if you name your full name, origin and what to expect from you music-wise. Are you done releasing for the year already?

I am working on my sound, message, appearance etc. I can’t wait for you to see more of me. My name is Olamide Olayinka Odeleye, from Ekiti State, but I love Lagos.

Okay! Music-wise, I am working on new sounds like I said earlier. It is time to spread the gospel. Good music, live performances, creative videos, entertainment; please, watch out for me!

I got a song coming up by December, a very lovely song for couples; romantic and emotional. Just watch out!

Great time I had discussing music with you, StyGal. Have a nice new week ahead. 😊

Thanks big boss, I am grateful.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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