Shakira’s rants about losing Pique and Casio’s mockery of her situation

Pique’s breakup with Shakira saw her rant via a piece of music on BZRP Music Sessions on the 53rd volume. The piece debuted at #1 in 18 different countries and is now charting in 33 countries on Spotify. The session is the biggest debut by a female Latin music artiste on Spotify Global with 14.3 million streams.

Shakira’s hurts left fans suggesting she still loves the footballer, Pique. The session through which she fired several shots at Pique saw her compare herself to Rolex, and Pique’s new lover to the wristwatch brand known as Casio. She stated:

I am worth two 22 years-olds, you traded in a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded in a Rolex for a Casio.

The latter company whose Twitter admin felt really downgraded replied with a counter-attacking mockery of Shakira and her ordeal with Pique. They wrote on Twitter:

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