SIMONY announces his debut EP, ORIGIN OF THE BIG THING

The budding Nigerian rapper, singer and skilful songwriter known as SIMONY, has left his amiable fanbase, THE BIGGEST, with a heartwarming message.

SIMONY, in a press release he delivered to us at Profiling NG, addresses his message to his great fans. The talented rapper/singer is at the crossroad of registering his career on a very colorful note. SIMONY, in his address to the members of the public, highlights the spirit-breaking personal struggles that led to the discovery of his art.

In his epistle to his listeners, he suffered the lack of platform to amplify his message and by extension, his talent. Although, SIMONY strongly believes that that moment of going unnoticed is over now, regardless, he appraises poetry as one of the most accessible means that has afforded him the opportunity to be heard at the grassroot level, especially amongst his newfound fans on social media.


SIMONY’s press release was significantly written to apprise the members of the public, and most importantly, his followers, of his intention to release his debut project, an extended playlist, in January. The said project, which he dubbed a note to knowing his personality, probably from the place of life experiences, is dated to arrive on streaming platforms on 6th January, 2023.

In his appreciation of the support he has always gotten from his supporters, SIMONY has made public the official cover art of his project titled THE ORIGIN OF THE BIG THING as well as the credits showing records of the team that worked together for the success of the project. This list includes his personal producer, Gabson WTS, and others. Hence, SIMONY’s press statement reads:

Overtime, I have constantly tried to seek the proper channels to put my heart, emotions and feelings out there for anyone who is attentive and kind enough to listen, but, at the start, no platform was accessible to achieve the aforementioned. However, poetry and thoughtful pieces of writing driven by my own life experiences were not out of reach in my search for a forum. Those two formed a vehicle through which I have periodically conveyed my ideas and life struggles.

I was a loner, very young and utterly depressed. I preferred staying alone in my own thoughts. I faced a lot of pains that built me and a lot of happy moments that uplifted me.

In 2018, a platform came through, thus, the hidden talent I got in music was put in the open. Then, I put all my writings and poems into bars and melodies which in turn transformed into the undisputed relief of SIMONY’s messed soul. That is how powerful and instrumental MUSIC has been to my being!

My debut project in the form of an extended playlist, i.e “ORIGIN OF THE BIG THING”, is not even the beginning. It’s just an iota of what I comprise, for my wonderful audience and listeners. This project, if I possibly I could talk about it as much as I wish, is beyond what I can measure, in prominence. And this is because, myself and the whole of my team worked on this project for over a year.

ORIGIN OF THE BIG THING ushers my audience into my personality. Sadly, it breaks me through the female I personally called Luci; it portrays true love coined in the name Muheezah; I overcame my greatest depression and that moment I became Unstoppable; a lot of friends and family left and stabbed me in the back, which made me the Last One Standing. Above all, every hurdle made me THE BIG THING that I am and will ever be as long as I still have the ability to pass in air into my lungs through my nostrils.

Therefore, this message is scribbled specifically for all my fans, THE BIGGEST. This is the part of me that deeply and affectionately thanks you all for the support you have always given me. I know the worth of your utmostly rapt attention! I’m repaying you all soon. On the 6th of January, 2023, OOTBT, our debut project, will be released.

Yours ever,
Simon “SIMONY” Akinsinde,

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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