A Thorough Biography & Profile of SGM


Onifade Samuel George

Stage Name


Also Known As

Sam George Mac


Ajuwon Akute, Ogun State


Abeokuta, Ogun State

Alma Mater

West African Union University

Course of Study

Mass Communication


Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Playwright, House Painter, Music Journalist & Literary Critic


Afrobeats (specifically named Afrolit), Highlife, Dancehall, RnB & Soul.

Early Musical Influences

Fela Anikulapo Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Chief Ebenezer Obey, Yusuf Olatunji & Haruna Ishola

Late Musical Influences

9ice, Dagrin, Oritshe Femi, 2Baba, Dbanj, Wande Coal, Davido, Seun Kuti, Asa, Burna Boy, Brymo, John Legend & Bruno Mars (in no particular order)


Although SGM has announced a forthcoming debut album titled Literature in Music. So far, the singer has a total of eight singles in his discography. They are:

  1. I Care (2016)
  2. Go Mad (2018)
  3. Yetunde (2018)
  4. Na Your Fault (2018)
  5. Pretty Pretty (2019)
  6. Good Bad Gorl (2021)
  7. Jazzy (2022)
  8. Jazzy Remix feat. Knix (2022)
  9. Capless (2022)

Singing, Songwriting, Writing, Guardian, Imagination, Football, Watching Music Videos & documenting music-related events.

Years Active

2016 till date.

Artistes & Producers Associated With

T Blade Beats, Airmax, Dammo & Knix


SGM specifically named his fans “The Gems”, a name derived from the GM in his stage name, SGM.


Vocals & Piano

SGM (Sam George Mac)

SGM, also known as Sam George Mac, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and music journalist born and raised in Ogun State. The singer claimed, on several instances, that he inherited music from his family, especially through his late father who enjoyed playing Apala, a local genre of music from Nigeria, that dates back to the early 1900s.

Though, his father played Apala songs from the likes of Yusuf Olatunji, Haruna Ishola, Ayinla Omowura; and Juju and Highlife from singers like King Sunny Ade and Chief Ebenezer Obey; the singer’s first personal encounter and interest in music came when he listened to the late legendary pioneer of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, through the loud speakers of a hair stylist on the street of Akute in the mid 2000s.

The singer got the chance to express himself through music when he wrote a letter to join his church choir in 2013. SGM was a lead singer in the choir for five years, taking the worship session on Sundays, vigils and at weekly programs; he learned to play the piano too within these periods, before breaking away from the choir in 2018 as a result of losing his beliefs in Christianity.

The singer, who has claimed he has no religion on countless occasions, began Songwriting in 2016, after he made several attempts, that did not work, to convert into music the first set of poems he wrote. At the time, he listened to RnB, majorly; these are songs from John Legend and Bruno Mars, specifically. This influenced him to write RnB songs and begin his career with an RnB song titled I Care; a song he claimed he wrote at Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State, during a vacation at his eldest brother’s residence in 2016.

SGM’s genre of music changed to Afrobeats through the immeasurable attention he later gave to the music from Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid and the other names in the Afrobeats industry. Since then, he has made Afrobeats his major genre, although, his versatility has never been affected as a result.

Early Life
SGM (Sam George Mac)

SGM found it difficult to express himself verbally while growing up as a child. This was due to the countless number of times he was bullied and bodyshamed by his peers in the neighborhood.

While enrolled in a public-owned primary school in his early days, the singer met with an older pupil who was a classmate who enjoyed drawing comics, especially the Supa Strikaz. The singer, through his classmate, discovered he could draw too. Though he never went to his classmate for anything, they never talked till the classmate left school later; SGM drew comics from primary 4 till he quit drawing in 2018.

SGM was named the Head Boy of Zummuratul Islamiyat School in Primary 6 when the original Head Boy, to which SGM was an Assistant Head Boy, stopped coming to school.

SGM however discovered he could always express himself through writing in the senior secondary. The singer discovered writing in a Literature in English class after reading countless Literature texts and other books. Though, he still found it difficult to answer questions in the class, even when he knew the answers. The singer buried this phobia in SS2 when his Government teacher claimed the Commercial students in the class were better than the Art students in SGM’s department.

The singer performed so well that term, including attempting every question asked in all Government classes, to the point that the teacher demanded to know who was the owner of the script she was marking during the marking of the Art class examination papers that year.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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