There are many singers, but Brymo is my role model — Sentalk declares

Sentalk is the guest on the 7th edition of our internet interview (Hint A View). Sentalk takes us through the thick and thin of the Nigerian music industry in this session with him. The singer refuses to acknowledge luck a ls a role player in the plight of an artiste seeking success. His opinion is that consistency and positivity are the big guns in whether or not a singer will make it to stardom.

Sentalk whose sound we accurately link to that of Oga Network, a Highlife singer from Edo State, Nigeria, reveals that he has been compared by listeners to many singers of his likes, in spite, Brymo remains the only music figure he looks up to.

As we sought to identify what birthed his stage name, Sentalk who is fluent in Yoruba, revealed he is originally from Akwa Ibom but he has been long gone from home. The singer is putting in the work to release his sophomore extended playlist which is to serve as a follow-up to his newly released single titled E Go Pay. Below is the chat held with Sentalk:

Welcome to the 7th edition of Hint A View, Sentalk.

Great! Thanks for having me.

The pleasure is mine. It’s a rainy afternoon here and I just finished streaming all the songs in your discography on YouTube Music.

Yo! That’s great to know.

  1. I first heard E Go Pay, your latest release. Although I did appreciate your sound but I felt a strong urge to go through the other works in your discography dating back to 2021. This is because I felt a strong compulsion that you sound like someone I have heard before.

I was right when I got on Sense. I found it’s Oga Network you sound like. The only differences are the deepness of your voice and the fact that you sometimes choose the Alte sound over the Highlife and style of rendition that connect you with him. Is my observation right?

Thank you! I’ve been around for quite long now, but I started recording few songs early in 2021 when I released my first single titled Aye. Actually, I sound like a lot of people through different feedbacks I get, but I’m always at my best.

You are right on that! I first noticed you sound like Cobhams, then on the next track, Darey. But I wasn’t satisfied with those links. I felt there’s someone you sounded like more accurately and that’s Oga Network. From my discovery, your genre is basically Highlife and Alte.

I’m a big fan of Cobham’s music and style. I also like Oga Network, but Brymo has been my role model from the time before I found myself in music. Naturaly, I’m on the reality side with my stories. I try not to be boring as the world in music is revolving every single day.

  1. Sentalk! In my journey through your discography this evening, I discovered you poke at different behavioral topics, what inspires the subjects of your music?

Well! What inspires my music is life. I’m from a small village called determination. I started singing as a teenager. I always saw myself leading in school back then. I can use any subject or object to create music.

  1. But then I never heard you sing about romance and relationships. Even on the song Love, you were focused on the aspect of the constitution that prescribes equality of humans. Why is romance missing in your music?

My music is involving. That means I will be on all genres soon. I’m not just a storyteller, I’m also a Dancehall artiste. I’m being careful with time, but for now, the reality side remains. Like I will always say, time is a gift, music and moods are in a cortical relationship. I will touch all areas. Firstly, I want to see how people accept the reality part of me.

  1. That’s clearly understandable from here. Your openness to several aspects of the society is something worthy of appraisal. Perhaps, Brymo, your model, is the only artiste currently doing that in the music industry. Sen, the industry is unfavorable to artistes making conscious music. From your experience, how well is your music received by listeners?

Haha! This one is the hardest job after releases. Well, I’m still up and coming. I really can’t say how well, but I’m certain people are listening.

  1. Away from the struggle to break out as an artiste and how often disappointing it feels, what are the minor challenges you have faced as an uprising artiste in Nigeria?

Stones are the bed of the day, especially from your close associates, the hate from friends and families, most especially, from people you don’t know, is very common and I’m not an exception. The struggle continues. Support is very hard to get. Sometimes, I always wish to quit. Firstly, having a dream without funding is very discouraging. Secondly, not knowing who is real around you is more frustrating.

  1. (Sighs) It just feels like the industry is too jam-packed with singers who want to be heard at the same time. What then do you perceive as the determining factor in being widely accepted by listeners in the industry? What’s the major factor aside the skill of singing?

The world has had enough fun, so it’s time to get back to the reality and that’s what makes me different. Aside from that, music is a spiritual thing and the world is yet to hear the best and the best will always come. Hit never finish!

  1. You are still bent on skill paving the way for artistes. While that cannot be completely disregarded, there are famous singers who are not as skilful as many of their mates who are yet to be known. What’s the place of hardwork in the pursuit of music? What’s the place of luck?

I would say keep doing it if you believe in the possibility. Luck is one word, but in some situations, luck has different meanings. You don’t have to be skillful to be an artist, you just have to believe you can hold the mic. Kill the tension and you are a superstar. I lost my concerns on this. But luck has different meaning. Just do it if you believe in the possibility.

  1. So, basically, consistency and positivity. I love your spirit. Sen, that aside. I heard you speak Yoruba on one of your songs. I think Sense. You are from what state in Nigeria and what’s your full name?

Haha! I speak many languages from Nigeria. Well! I’m from Akwa Ibom State. I’ve been away for long and that has affected me a lot.

  1. It’s like I was destined to meet Akwa Ibomites this year. Camped for NYSC there this June. Redeployed to Osun and share a compound with four Corpers from Akwa Ibom too. Have a producer/singer from there too. Aside that, what’s the meaning of the name Sentalk? What’s your full name?

My real name is Edet Abasieno Etim. How I got the name Sentalk was immediately after I wrote Aye, my first single. I noticed every song from my book is always filled with sense and each time I engaged in a conversation with the older people, they always enjoyed my company. So I wanted to be Sensetalk, but then, I decided to get out the ‘se’ instead.

  1. Sense + Talk = Sentalk. That’s creative! So, I know your best song yet is Tina and I feel you are not pushing it enough. I noticed your songs are not on Audiomack. Try to do something about it. What should be expected from you after E Go Pay?

All my songs are on Audiomack. Well, all I can say now is that I’m coming with something different. Currently working on a 5-track EP. So, all lovers of good music should expect me!

Great! You released an EP in 2021, so this you spoke of will be your sophomore EP. I will expect it! With this, we have come to the end of the 7th edition of Hint A View. Do have a wonderful night, Sentalk! 💙

Thanks Mac! Goodnight!

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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