SIMONY Claims DJ Cuppy Is The Only Nigerian Artiste That Inspires Him

Simon Akinsinde, professionally known as Simony, is a multidimensional singer and rapper whose sounds circle around Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and Soul. The singer, born and bred in Lagos, traces his origin to Abeokuta, Ogun State, a neighboring landscape closely bothering Lagos State in the South Western part of the Federal Territory known as Nigeria.

On Saturday night, 8th January, 2022, Sam George Mac, a music journalist, hosted Simony, an undergraduate of the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, in an interview tagged Hint A View. Hint A View is an interview hosted by the aforementioned music journalist on his social media handles, and its very first episode had Simony talking about his sounds, his musical influences amongst several other things like his personality, philosophy and psychology.

The singer had claimed no Nigerian artiste influenced his sound upon his discovery of music, notwithstanding, he shares both respect and admiration for DJ Cuppy. For this reason, Simony has been a judicious follower of the pink lady for a time so long. Read the conversation between Simony and Sam George Mac below:

Q1. Your full name is Simon Akinsinde as displayed on your Facebook profile, I want to believe?

Yes it is!

Q2. Then it is obvious that your stage name Simony is coined from your first name Simon. Quickly! You once told me you are a singer/rapper in a conversation last year. Can you name the Nigerian singers/rappers that influenced your sound at the discovery of music?

Exactly! I actually wanted to be real, and needed something to portray my real name, so I decided to add the letter “y” because in Yoruba, Simon is called “Simoni”. So, instead of letter “i”, I added the “y”.

Later on, I coincidentally came across the meaning of Simony in the dictionary! (Laughs) I was dumbfounded. I think you should go check it after the interview!

On question 2! Sadly, no Nigerian artiste really influenced my sound! No offence, neither do I mean to be rude. I’m just being real! Maybe it is because my style of music is very different! I don’t have a favorite artiste because I listen to a lotta artiste daily — mostly foreign.

Q3. Woah! This took me aback a bit. Okay! You dropped a new single titled Luci yesterday. You sent me the song about five months ago. Why did it take that long to release it?

Anything worth doing is worth doing well! Any song worth releasing id worth releasing well! I needed to promote the song. I was gathering funds, majorly. It won’t be fair after working so hard on the song, only a few people listen. I needed more people to know more about my sound. At least, Simony is making progress… No matter how little!

Q4. Tactful idea! You spoke of your genre of music being different when asked about your musical influences from Nigeria. May I know what genre of music you do specifically?

I won’t lie to you, I’ve been finding it difficult picking a particular one, but I ain’t an Afrobeats artiste. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t jump on an Afrobeats song…. I’m gon k!ll the beat.

Majorly, I started out singing, but singing can’t take all my emotions, then I tried rap… And it worked! I am so versatile, but If I’m to categorize the genre, I’d say it’s Pop, Hip Pop, RnB and Soul.

Q5. This leads us directly to a particular thing I noticed about your activities online. You just talked about Rap being the only thing that can contain your emotions. I listened to your outburst on Luci long before it dropped yesterday. I presume you are a very emotional person. How true is this presumption?

I make emotions and emotions make me. Please don’t get me wrong! I didn’t say Rap is the only thing that can contain! I said singing can’t contain all my emotions! So I try Rap and it works, meaning Rap contain the remaining part of my emotions that singing can’t contain!

I sing when I’m cool, calm and emotional. I Rap when I’m angry! Anger is an emotion too! Regarding my online activities, I’m just being me, and being real because that’s what I’m good at… Being real! Above all, here’s a free tip… You wanna get anybody? Hit their emotions (laughs).


Q6. Beautiful and highly psychological! We’ve had some musical icons like Lagbaja known for wearing the mask. Recently, we have Ruger with the eyepatch. I notice you have always worn a mask. Is it just a trademark or there is more to it than meets the eye just like Ruger?

That’s a big question mhen! I’m a low-key kinda guy! I’m not a big fan of getting attention, but somehow my skill got me a lotta attention. I love doing my thing and making Impact anonymously.

Celebrities are people who work hard for fame, but after getting the fame, some of them try conceal their identity sometimes because they can’t walk freely. Though fame is sweet, but it has its pros and cons.

My mask is my identity! It’s part of Simony. I love a low key lifestyle… No stress! Just peace and growth!

Q7. Well! It is more of a trademark then as you have presented it as a means of identification. This is about Luci! There is something really strange about the song. It opens with a female voice. This female voice is heard at the middle of the song again. Her utterances are disturbing. What exactly is the inspiration behind this female’s utterances? And was it recorded with the song at the studio as a plan?

Sighs! The female voice was a voicenote sent to me by a lady friend of mine on WhatsApp. It was just a snippet I added to the song. The full voicenote hurts me deep mhen! I composed a song outta it. One of the origins of the voicenote was me asking her out on a date then sh!t unfolded.

Then the voice note came in! Wasn’t expecting something of such from her and what I said or did didn’t worth that voicenote she sent. But ya know… Sometimes, humans change. I never talk to the lady since May, 2021. No grudges! I just want peace!

Q8. Empathetic! And you titled the song Luci. What’s the correlation between that title and the elements that form the song? A clear explanation is needed in regards to this, Simony!

Ahh! Dem fit sue me o! (Laughs)
I can’t mention her name bro. She got a particular name everybody knows her for! But I call her by her other name! I personally call her Luci (coined outta her other name). Also Luci means light… So the part of the song where I said “Luci, I need saving.” It implies “light, I need saving.” That’s all I can say, SGM!

Q9. Though, you made it clear no Nigerian artiste influenced your music. Does that automatically mean you do not look up to any well known Nigerian act in the industry recently? If there are any, who are they?

I look up to many of them because they are more experienced than me and about the industry sounds, above all, they are taking Naija to the world. My favorite of them all is my one and only Goddess of Ambitions — DJ Cuppy!

Q10. Woah! Woah! Woah! This got me wow-ing for real. I do not think I have met any artiste who has Cuppy as a model. Well, before I ask the last question to bring the interview to an end. Drop your social media handles including Tik Tok and Twitter so people can follow you. Drop the link to streaming Luci too so people following the interview can stream it.

Cuppy inspires me a lot! Luci is out now on all platforms.

DJ Cuppy

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Q11. That’s pretty admirable! This won’t be the last question by the way. Don’t mind me! What have been the philosophy you use in dealing with the challenges you encounter in your music each time? Yeah! I know upcoming artistes experience a lot of disappointments. What philosophy keeps you pushing?

Never give up! Because if I give up, I lose! That has really been pushing me. It got me here honestly.

Q12. Motivational enough! To bring this interview to a close, what part of Nigeria are you from? Your state of origin precisely?

My mum and dad both originated from Abeokuta, Ogun State. Somehow, all members of my family, including my parents, were born and bred in Lagos. Above all, thanks for the platform!

Q13. Wait! I almost forgot to ask. I mean Luci is out there on all platforms. What is the next plan after Luci? What should we expect? A video? A remix? A collaboration, maybe with DJ Cuppy? (Laughs) An EP or even an album?

Videos majorly! Firstly, a lyrics video, then a music video. As per a remix, I ain’t really sure for now. That next song I’ll be dropping is No Love In The City. After that, I’d drop another song before finally dropping my EP — Tales of a Loner. As per any collaboration, I ain’t really sure yet, except I got anyone who wanna collaborate with me.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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