Ruger donates US dollars and food to an orphanage in South Sudan

Ruger landed in South Sudan on Monday, four days ago, ahead of his concert scheduled to commence on Saturday, 15th October, 2022.

Immediately he landed in Juba, the capital of the country, Ruger headed to an orphanage and donated a sum total of one thousand US Dollars ($1000), alongside, some food items like rice, noodles and groundnut oil, to the young orphans occupying the orphanage.

Hosted in an interview session on Eye Radio, Ruger marvelled at the appearance of South Sudan, the youngest country in the world, a country whose people gained their independence from Sudan in 2011.

Though, South Sudan has been described as one of the ‘poorest countries’ in the world, regardless, Ruger claimed that his current stay in the country has made him realize that South Sudan is not as poor as the media portray it to the outside world.

Ruger donates to South Sudan.

It was also during the interview Ruger revealed he has always longed to visit South Sudan. He stated thus:

I am very happy because this is a country I have wanted to come to for a long time. There is this perception going on around South Sudan about no peace, all of that. But like since when I came, everything is just different.

Everywhere is looking beautiful and everyone is peaceful, and the reception has been nice. So, I am very happy to be here, and I am hopeful for a very amazing show on the 15th.

Ruger also believed his visitation to South Sudan is overall impressive and good for the music industry at large.

Definitely, it is a good one for my reputation, and it is a good one for the culture, and I am happy with what I have seen so far. And I know that the country is going to go far because, in the span of a few years, it has come this far, and I feel like another person that is going to bring more life to this country, and I am so happy to be here.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM β€” a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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