Magixx’s Atom EP, A Piece Of A Bigger Picture

Atom is Magixx’s sophomore project and a sequel to his very debut extended playlist titled after his name, Magixx, released on September 23rd, 2021.

Although the Atom EP, released on July 22nd, 2022, was greeted with lesser fever compared to the huge spotlights that shone on the singer and his debut EP in 2021: the Atom EP is worth the listening.

Magixx’s 4-track Atom EP was jointly produced by Sarmyfire, RewardBeatz and the Mavins’ in-house Louddaa. While thoughts of what the title of the project drifts towards run through the listener’s head, a shy Magixx is on the cover of the project with both arms raised to dodge a punch and protect his face as in a boxing match; the singer peers to look at the viewers with his left eye, however.

Background of the Artiste

Magixx, a Mass Communication student and an alumnus of the University of Lagos, was unveiled by Mavins Records in 2021 after several months of training in the label’s Academy.

The singer took music seriously as a result of the wide applause he received during his solo performances in the neighborhood he lived in.

The almost 23 years old Magixx, born Adelabu Alexander, first gained some attention in April 2019 when he covered Burna Boy‘s Dangote on Instagram. The video had earned over 35,000 views then.

During his unveiling in September, 2021, Magixx released his debut extended playlist titled Magixx, his stage name. Atom, released in July, 2022, however, serves as a follow-up.

Thematic Preoccupation of the Project
1. Love & Enchantments

Atom opens with enchanted Magixx carefully choosing his words to profess love to “Oroma” on the track All Over. The Dancehall song is a medium for the singer to lay bare his intentions for this lady.

Magixx, lustful, vividly describes the lady’s sexual appeal as in “body sweeter than turkey”, makes promises of buying her gifts of “Louis bag and Gucci” and offers love while he demands her to appeal to him “all over again”.

Magixx is one of the numerous Nigerian men that strongly believe that money can impress a lady and buy her love on this song. This is why we hear him say things like “weytin go suffer na money”, “I buy you Louis bag and Gucci”.

2. A Call To Party

Weekenjoyment is a portmanteau coinage for the solo English words “weekend” and “enjoyment”. The song prescribes the need for the individual to chase pleasure — the one derivable from partying — a practice indigenously known as “owanbe” on Nigerian social media space.

Magixx, sarcastic, regards as a disappointment individuals privileged to possess money but detest enjoyment. Magixx matter-of-factly ties the pursuit of enjoyment or hedonism to the sad reality that life only happens to humans once.

The singer boasts of his connections, playing between the socialisation he has with some VIPs and the connection between a sim card and that of a cellular phone.

Magixx uses the track Weekenjoyment to call party lovers to dance, maintaining, through the song title, that enjoyment should only be considered during weekends. This is very logical, judging by the fact that many humans spend the weekdays, Monday to Friday, working without rest.

3. The Pleasure of Partying

Shaye, a Yoruba grammar for “to enjoy life”, is the third track on Atom. Magixx’s urge to have a “good time” continues here. Magixx argues that “problems plenty” and that is why partying and enjoying oneself is a child of necessity. The song reiterates 1da Banton’s stance on No Wahala.

What’s the essence of enjoyment without alcohol and the marijuana? Magixx must “blow some trees” and drink the “Hennessey” with “my shawties” to achieve pleasure.

4. The Pursuit of A Life & The Risk of Losing Love

Forever captures Magixx wishing for a love affair that lasts till eternity. As much as the singer wishes for this, he is cognizant of the fact that life is a probability. This is why he is doubtful of his lover’s intention to stay with him “forever”.

Magixx who is obviously still chasing a life, and is yet to find comfort, laments the fear and possibility of losing his woman while he also uses the opportunity to remind her of his love as he brings the project to a close.

Critical Evaluation of the Project

Magixx’s Atom is a light pointing to the direction of the clubs and parties with Dancehall-centred tracks that line the tracklist of the EP.

The title of the EP is more about the “smallness” of the tracks that make up the album. This atomic property is achieved by making the project consist just 4 short tracks.

The smallness continues to manifest in the lyricism of the tracks Shaye and Weekenjoyment as Magixx leaves it short on both songs. While Weekenjoyment deploys Fela-Kuti-related chants on its chorus, the two verses of the song are so atomic — the first verse consists of four lines and the second verse, six lines. Weekenjoyment also lacks a prechorus unlike Shaye, Forever and All Over, the opening track.

Magixx’s lyricism is not professional enough, safe for the excellence shown on All Over. The other three tracks that make up Atom are devoid of “well-written lyrics”. Magixx’s expression is shallow because of this.

The best moment of the project comes on the opening track with the creativity of the singer’s backup musicians who render an alluring hooing in accompaniment to Magixx’s calls on the song hook.

However, the backup hoos are derivative of Patoranking’s on the 2019 song titled Everyday. The former is an exact photocopier of the latter. All these, combining with the simple piano chords played on the beat, make a clear space for Magixx to deliver excellently his thoughts.

Atom is a very short project that stylishly announces that Magixx is working towards a bigger project — definitely an album.

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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