Chioma confirms rumour of a secret wedding with Davido

Chioma has unintentionally made a statement about her speculated marriage to Davido.

During the lovers’ prolonged absence from social media in October, rumours spread across the net about both celebrities wedding each other in secrecy.

Nobody could really confirm this because there were no pictures, safe for an anonymous report of the event taking place as a private occasion witnessed by both the Adelekes and the Rowlands.

Davido, Governor Ademola Adeleke & Chioma

However, Chioma was seen on Sunday with a wedding ring on her finger. The grieving mother and her star lover, Davido, were both guests at the inauguration of Ademola Adeleke, the new governor of Osun State, who is also an uncle to OBO.

Chioma’s wedding to Davido, though still not officially proven so, can be assumed to be supported by the Adelekes as the groom’s father, billionaire Adeleke, Davido’s father, was seen asking Davido about the whereabouts of Chioma during the pose for a family photo in Osogbo on Sunday morning.

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