Blaqbonez challenges TG Omori, imitates Asake, Oxlade & others in Back in Uni video

Blaqbonez named himself BB Omori to challenge the creative video director known as TG Omori.

Blaqbonez has kept his promise of challenging TG Omori in the art of cinematography. The Chocolate City signee has finally released the visuals of his newest single titled Back in Uni and it is full of activities and creativity beyond expectations.

In the visuals, Blaqbonez recreates Wizkid’s pose with a white flower on the cover of the latter’s Bad to Me single, Portable’s shoulder-raised dance performed in the visuals for Zazoo Zehh as well as his usual sitting at a table to write a song in the short clips Portable is fond of uploading on Instagram.

Blaqbonez imitates Portable.
Blaqbonez imitates Oxlade.

Blaqbonez also made a caricature of Ruger’s eye patch, pink hair, seductive waist-whirl and the latter’s Girlfriend video. Asake’s dress and hysterical blinking of the eye is also parodied. Carter Efe, Oxlade’s live performance of Ku Lo Sa for Tik Tok appeal, Ayra Starr’s long blonde hair with a glass in hand filled with drink are all moments that make up the video.

The declaration of himself as BB Omori came into play when he held talks with TG Omori over his plans to have the latter shoot the visuals of the opening track of his forthcoming album titled Young Preacher. TG Omori had charged him way above his expectations, hence, the birth of his dabble into cinematography. Back in Uni visuals, however, is the first time the rapper was directing a video.

Blaqbonez imitates Asake.

The visuals of Back in Uni reminds the individual of the cost of trust. Blaqbonez, in the visuals, makes a lady stand while he sits to paint her on a board. In the end, the viewers are stunned to realize Blaqbonez had been painting himself all the while the lady stood. The message is straight; nobody is to be trusted.

If this is connected to the lyrics of the song, we immediately realize why Blaqbonez “broke… all the hearts in Lekki”. It is distrust for him. That particular distrust sadly becomes a reality that his victims live too, when he finally jilts them. The singer’s atrocities did not stop with the heartbreaks in Lekki and at his alma mater at Obafemi Awolowo University, it proceeded where he disrupted a wedding ceremony.

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