Afrobeats acts & 5 iconic stage dramas in 2022

There was a huge concentration of Afrobeats on concerts and live performances in 2022. The likes of veterans like Burna Boy and even newbies like Asake took their crafts to the stage with more seriousness and even business.

With Asake charging 70k for a ticket, and Burna Boy claiming to gross 100 million dollars from concerts, it was several thrilling spectacles to the eyes. Five most shocking moments lived by some of these Nigerian artistes on stage in 2022 are touched below:

1. Asake brings a goat on stage

During a performance in Atlanta, the United States of America, in the month of October, Asake mounted the stage with a leash bearing a goat in his hand. Although, the goat struggled to cooperate with him, the message he passed was vivid; he is the GOAT (Greatest of all Time). He was previously seen in the company of a lot of goats in Fireboy’s Bandana video.

2. Burna Boy smashes a guitar on stage floor
Burna Boy

Before a 20 000+ fans at the Madison Square Garden, USA, in April, Burna Boy was said to be so enraged to the point of smashing his guitar on stage. This was to depict a rockstar lifestyle.

3. Blaqbonez ties fake Nike shoes around his neck

To perform a song titled Fake Nikes off his album, Blaqbonez appeared on stage with the laces of the fake shoes tied around his neck. The song is meant to encourage people to live their lowly life without being shamed for it.

4. Ayra Starr slips on stage in her mini skirt
Ayra Starr

At the annual Afrochella concert that took place in Ghana in December, Ayra Starr reminded fans of Wizkid’s fall on stage. Ayra Starr, while performing her crew song Won Da Mo, ran on stage and fell heavily to the floor. She would drag the organisers in the morning for a “painful” fall, after the show.

5. Portable dramatic stage entrance in a coffin

Portable, after a very troublesome momentum in the first half of December, arrives a Lagos concert in a coffin, reminding fans of the retired wrestler, The Undertaker, known for a similar entry in wrestling.

Which of these five moments is the most iconic stage drama in 2022?

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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