Best 20 Nigerian Albums of 2022

Profiling’s Best 20 Nigerian Albums of 2022 is an appreciation of the tireless efforts of Nigerian music creatives.

2022 is notable for the release of resonant musical projects in the Afrobeats industry as well as the rap industry.

The projects on this list are rated based on their musicality, appeal, strangeness and also, their relevance to the music society.

Note that, no project on this list is ranked according to its commercial success. Below are the best 20 Nigerian albums of 2022:

  1. TESLIM by Vector

Plenty retro hooks accompanying some calm rap — didactic, speaking up, questioning of ideologies.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Insomnia II. Clowns III. Early Momo IV. Fefe V. You Don’t Know

Ratings: 6/10

  1. More Love, Less Ego by Wizkid

More Love, Less Ego, irrespective of the singer’s motive, turns out a motif on love and sex — calm Wizkid with simplicity and literalism for lyricism.

Top 5 tracks:

I. Bad To Me II. Deep III. Pressure IV. 2 Sugar V. Money & Love

Ratings: 6.5/10

  1. Rave and Roses by Rema

An aspect of music that completely exposes the listener to deep romance expressed in different explicit lyrics.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Calm Down II. Wine III. Addicted IV. Soundgasm V. Are You There?

Ratings: 7/10

  1. Sweet Distractions by Skales

A body of work intended to spread hope and motivation — Skales’ Sweet Distractions would not bore the listeners with the main intention — therefore, provisions were essentially made for a lewd Amapiano content.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Hope, Freedom & Love II. N2S III. Say You Bad IV. This Your Body V. Kpakurukpa

Ratings: 7/10

  1. The Guy by MI

Boastful — the finest of wordplay — the most transparent of all paintings — The Guy acclaims MI’s settlement for peace and matrimony.

Top 5 tracks:

I. The Hate II. The Guy III. Soldier IV. Crazy V. The Love Song

Ratings: 7/10

  1. V by Asa

Though V is experimental and Afrocentric — however, the household Asa known for tales of love is not found wanting. The appeal as well as the genre are the only unfamiliarity, for the listeners.

Top 5 tracks:

I. Ocean II. Mayana III. Love Me Or Give Me Red Wine IV. Nike V. IDG

Ratings: 7/10

  1. Catch Me If You Can by Adekunle Gold

Catch Me If You Can bids farewell to the rustic Adekunle Gold — the project rather presents listeners with a family man on one hand and a dutiful lover on the other.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Sinner II. High III. Born Again IV. Catch Me If You Can V. More Than Enough

Ratings: 7/10

  1. El Major by TI Blaze

El Major is a manual recorded in voice for the individual to maintain self care. TI Blaze’s El Major feels like a sound that came from the place of early exposure to the crises of life.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Yawa II. Benefit III. Good Life IV. Play V. Lock Up

Ratings: 7/10

  1. Playboy by Fireboy

A project centred on contemporary lifestyles as opposed to the conservativeness of the old generation — Fireboy’s Playboy is very intentional, thematically.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Diana II. Bandana III. Peru IV. Playboy V. Compromise

Ratings: 7/10

  1. Man by Fiokee

The shock of the decade — Fiokee’s Man, loved for its guitar-made energetic melodies, is the much needed statement for every instrumentalist in the Afrobeats industry to dream big.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Follow You II. Good Time III. Personal IV. Kelewa V. Smooth Operator

Ratings: 7.5/10

  1. Palm Wine Music 3 by Show Dem Camp

Elite rap project remarkably eventful with meticulous collaborations — Palm Wine Music 3 is SDC’s given about lifestyle, love and the funniest of breakups.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Mine Alone II. Feel Something III. Freaky IV. Your Love V. Live Life

Ratings: 8/10

  1. The Lost Boy by Erigga

The very beauty of Pidgin rap — detailed storytelling on the back of poignant pun, vivid metaphors and reality. The Lost Boy is certainly the most artistic rap project of 2022.

Top 5 tracks:
I. L with Vs II. Cotton Candy III. Ballads of a Lost Boy IV. Lit V. Family Ties

Ratings: 8/10

  1. Hypertension by Bella Shmurda

A singer not too scared to evolve — Hypertension is a much awaited opportunity seized by Bella Shmurda to propel his topical sound above the confines of the street.

Top 5 tracks:
I. So Cold II. Loose It III. Converse IV. Ase V. New Born Fela

Ratings: 8/10

  1. Billion Dollar Baby by Seyi Vibez

Soulful Amapiano music plucking meaning from the street never-ending ambition for a good life — Seyi Vibez’ Billion Dollar Baby is a standard too high for the makers of street pop music.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Saro II. Bullion Van III. Darling IV. Bank of America V. Billion Dollar

Ratings: 8/10

  1. Post 19 by Ibejii

Highly philosophical piece of music; with Post 19, Ibejii sought to paint the gores of the global pandemic but subconsciously settled into addressing the most certain of all life occurrences — death!

Top 5 tracks:
I. White II. Wild Horses III. Broken IV. Blown V. Time

Ratings: 8.5/10

  1. Theta by Brymo

Philosophical, realistic, psychological and intellectual — Brymo’s Theta picks from the complexities of life and disrobes the hypocrisy in the human society.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Market Square II. Dem No Born Us Together III. Pim Pim IV. Illusions V. Life Dey Go On

Ratings: 8.7/10

  1. Love Damini by Burna Boy

Voluminous to the point of expositions of contemporary topics ranging from love, heartbreak, fears, dreams, socio-political issues to the individual — Burna’s Love, Damini will ever be relevant, at least, till Nigeria witnesses change.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Last Last II. Science III. It’s Plenty IV. Whiskey V. For My Hand

Ratings: 9/10

  1. Boy Alone by Omah Lay

The most conscious of all Afrobeats project in 2022, Omah Lay’s Boy Alone is a personal craft with rays pointing out a universal ordeal in depression. For all the victims that can relate, it’s sad. For the non-victims, it’s a very very enchanting atmosphere.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Soso II. Safe Haven III. I IV. Understand V. How To Luv

Ratings: 9.5/10

  1. Mr Money With The Vibe by Asake

Magicsticks’ blend of the violin with both the bass and the lead guitars provides a smooth soundscape for the energies released by Asake on his debut — Mr Money With The Vibe is a collection of Amapiano styled on Fuji.

Top 5 tracks:
I. Peace Be Unto You II. Dull III. Nzaza IV. Joha V. Organize

Ratings: 9.7/10

  1. Ethos by AQ and Brymo

AQ’s fluency in the tongues of rap meets Brymo’s owning of his folkloric Rock music: the result is Ethos, episodic crafting of life and its turbulent tosses.

Top 5 tracks:
I. This is War II. Won De III. Timezones IV. Ni Temi V. Family First

Ratings: 10/10

Sam George Mac is a music journalist known for the reviews of several music albums and songs. He is a singer and songwriter of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Highlife and RnB with the stage name SGM — a graduate of Mass Communication from The West African Union University, Cotonou.

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