Davido Puts DaBaby In Igbo Traditional Dresses

The American rapper popularly known as DaBaby flew into Nigeria in the just concluded week and the artiste landed in Davido’s house, while both cruised around the nook and cranny of some sites in Lagos State.

Davido & DaBaby in Lagos State.

DaBaby’s visitation to Nigeria did not happen by chance. The rapper’s flight to Nigeria was necessitated by the need to shoot a music video for an unidentified song both Davido and DaBaby share together.

While both figures popped up in the news for about three days straight, they succeeded in shooting the video of the unreleased song. Upon the completion of the video shoot, DaBaby returned to America.

Davido & DaBaby in Nigerian cultural wears.

However, today, Davido took to his social media handles to publish pictures showing himself and DaBaby in cultural and native wears of the Nigerian people. DaBaby particularly caused a stir with his appearance in an Igbo traditional wear. The rapper was also dressed in a wrapper made of Ankara.

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